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Sünner logoSünner
Koln, Germany

Located in Cologne the brewery has been owned by members of the Sünner family since 1830. Sünner is the oldest brewery in Cologne and has been family owned and operated for six generations.

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Kölsch label



It was Sünner that brewed the first beer in the modern Kölsch style (though it wasn't called that then) around 1900. Sünner is a 'Kölsch' beer, unique to Köln (Cologne) Germany.

Like Champagne (Appellation Controlee) it is protected by laws, so that only beers brewed in that region can bear the name. It is an Ale with a stylish character derived from lagering. It is clear and pale straw in appearance. The taste is refreshing, gently fruity, slightly sweet with a crisp, dry finish.

5.3% ABV
Available in 16.9oz bottle; 30L keg.


Sünner Kellerbier label


Sünner Kellerbier

By the standards of the Kölsch Könvention, only filtered, bright beer can be called "Kölsch". However, when it's taken directly from the fermenter, unfiltered and with a soft, natural carbonation, it can be spectacular!

We offer the Sünner Kellerbier only occasionally, so jump at it when you see it. You'll find it slightly yeasty, more bitter and even drier than the everyday Kölsch.

Limited Availability.

5.3% ABV
Available in 30L keg.


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