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Robinsons logoRobinsons Family Brewers
Stockport, United Kingdom

In 1838, William Robinson bought the Unicorn Inn in Stockport, England. Over time, Robinsonís has become one of Britainís largest regional brewers, with a focus on traditional techniques. It is still managed by the Robinson family, six generations after itís founding.

beers currently available

Trooper Red & Black label


Trooper Red & Black

TROOPER RED 'N' BLACK Porter is the first dark beer in the Trooper ranks and a modern take on a recipe dating back centuries. The red and black color comes from a blend of chocolate and crystal malt which gives the full-bodied beer a roasty, caramel backbone. The Robinsons yeast provides hints of licorice and honey. A deliciously warming brew!

Designed by IRON MAIDEN vocalist and ale aficionado Bruce Dickinson and the Head Brewer at Robinsons brewery, TROOPER RED 'N' BLACK takes its inspiration from a very early Robinsons recipe from the 1850's; a time when porter beers were becoming popular in Britain.

Available from September, 2016 through early 2017.

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6.8% ABV
Available in 500ml bottle; 30L keg.





Taking its name from the Maiden song inspired by Tennysonís Charge of the Brigade, Trooper is a premium British beer created by Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden and handcrafted at Robinsons Brewery. Being a real ale enthusiast, lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true depth of character. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.

See for more details.

4.8% ABV
Available in 500ml bottle; 20L keg; 500ml bottle.


Old Tom label


Old Tom

A massive, dark and warming ale with notes of dried fruit and pepper, and tremendous malt backbone. Youíll taste roasted nuts, chocolate and a pleasant smokiness. Aromas of ripe malt and dried fruit round out the character of this tremendous, traditional and excellent Strong Ale.

8.5% ABV
Available in 11.2oz bottle; 20L keg.


Ginger Tom label


Ginger Tom

Made with Fentimanís Ginger Ale, Old Tom Ginger features a bracing, zesty and pronounced ginger character like no other ginger beer we have ever tasted. Intensely delicious!

6.0% ABV
Available in 11.2oz bottle.


Chocolate Tom label


Chocolate Tom

Brewed with cocoa and Madagascan bourbon vanilla and shockingly dry! Beautiful dark chocolate notes intermingle with full, ripe malt for a velvety beer experience like no other.

6.0% ABV
Available in 11.2oz bottle.


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