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Signature Events (Promotions)
Everywhere, Belgium

Signature Events are collaborative activities ranging from a single day to an entire month wherein Artisanal Imports provides special point-of-sale and promotional assistance to retailers who are active in the Craft Import business.

It's our way of supporting and encouraging not only trial of our beers but also the bars, restaurants and retail outlets that make the business go 'round!

beers currently available

Kings Day label


Kings Day

Each year at the end of April the Dutch celebrate their King. It's a day of parties, orange clothing and—charmingly—yard sales!

For our King's Day celebrations we offer special point-of-sale, some fun give-aways and promotions to draw attention to our fabulous Dutch portfolio.

99.0% ABV


Hot Sunner Nights label


Hot Sunner Nights

Summertime is perfect for the dry, quenching and delicious taste of kolsch!

We have put together special point-of-sale and promotions for our wonderful Cologne specialty—Sunner!

Use traditional kolsch kranz trays and stange glasses to give the look and feel of a pub in the Altstadt. Maybe even employ "endless" Cologne-style service! We can help you explore and celebrate the vibrant culture of kolsch.

5.3% ABV


St. Arnoldus Day label


St. Arnoldus Day

The patron saint of Belgian Beer Week!

St. Arnoldus of Metz is famous for telling his disease-afflicted congregation to "Drink beer, not water", thereby saving countless lives. The illness was water-borne, beer was safe and his sainthood was assured.

We will provide you with special point-of-sale items and support, including twitter and Facebook promotions. It's our way of celebrating Belgian Independence and, as it's becoming known, Belgian Beer Week.

99.0% ABV


Kwaktoberfest! label



Inspired by the fun of Oktoberfest, Kwaktoberfest is a Belgian-themed spin on the venerable month-long celebration.

We'll provide some Kwak-specific schwag, including a beautiful flag, special glassware and table tents. Celebrate one of Belgium's most well-known specialty beers all October long!

8.4% ABV


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