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Wäls logoCerverjaria Wäls
Belô Horizonte, Brazil

Brothers Tiago and Jose Felipe Carneiro started early, brewing alongside their father as teenagers. They are a passionate duo, with ideas and techniques far off the beaten path. Their brewery is located in the city of Belô Horizonte and was the first in the country to feature a tasting room. It is this city that gives their beers their brand: Belô. Translated as “beautiful, fine, handsome or lovely", we think that all of these terms describe the elegant beers of Wäls.

In the past few years, Wäls has become one of the most respected breweries in the world, their influence being felt outside of Brazil. Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery collaborated on a beer with them, joining the Brothers Carneiro in the sugar cane fields to harvest and refine sugar for the first sugar cane beer. At the prestigious Mondial de la Bière competition in Montréal, Quebec, Wäls was awarded an unprecedented 5 medals, including Platinum for their Brazilian Imperial Stout Belô Petroleum.

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Wäls Belô Ipê label


Wäls Belô Ipê

Creamy ruby-brown color with solid lacing. Aged with wood chips marinated in Brazilian cachaça—a spirit made from sugarcane juice. Tropical Fruits, truffles, figs, creme brulee and a smack of dried fruit aromas. Great head retention, medium carbonation. Smoothy and full-bodied with a long pleasant finish.
About the name, the Brother Carneiro have this to say: “Ipê is the name of a Brazilian flowering tree. For many years, the tree in our garden refused to bloom, but on the very day we first brewed this beautiful Quadrupel, our Ipê tree exploded with gorgeous yellow flowers. Legend has it that every time we brew Belô Ipe, a beautiful tree is filled with color.”

11.0% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 375ml bottle.


Wäls Belô Petroleum label


Wäls Belô Petroleum

Loaded with cocoa, chocolate and coffee aromas, some roasty notes, vanilla and bready yeast. Rich and complex. Velvet and smooth mouth feel, with a light carbonation. Slightly hoppy balanced with high alcohol. Dark and rich as the name says. It pours like the essence of night, with no sign of foam. Slowly, bubbles rise from the depths, creating a luscious tan foam collar.
On the name: “A very dark beer, very viscous. The name says what to expect from this beer that is gushing from our brewery in Brazil. It’s a great discovery, indeed!”

11.0% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 375ml bottle.


Wäls Belô São Francisco label


Wäls Belô São Francisco

Full of dark dried fruit, raisins, caramel and spicy aromas. Medium carbonation with great balance and moderate alcohol. Deep brown color with a toffee cream head. Lacing is thick with sheets of tight bubbles that roll around your glass.
On the name: “São Francisco is the name of the neighborhood in which our brewery is located. The meaning in English is Saint Francis, who is known to have preached to birds. The name came about when we were sipping our Belgian Dubbel in our garden and suddenly a parrot appeared! It watched us until we finished the last drop of beer and then it flew away. It can happen to you, when you open a Belô São Francisco!”

7.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 375ml bottle.


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