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Farnum Hill (Cider) logoPoverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Cider
New Hampshire, United States

Farnum Hill Ciders are complex and singular, thanks to British, French & American cider apple varieties. We grow them on some of the world’s best apple land, in the northern Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire. Mineral-rich glacial soils and sharp swings in temperature seem to intensify flavors in these apples, and so in our ciders.
Many cider apples are strongly tannic. Their fresh juices taste weird. But in fermentation they show their special qualities: complex aromas and flavors, tannic structure, refreshing acidity, and clean, appetizing finish. Each of our bottles also contains skilled horticulture, slow cool fermentation, attentive blending, and all the happy local mysteries of land and weather.

beers currently available

Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider label


Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider

Golden, sparkling, radically dry, with complex fruit, bright acid and refreshing tannic elements. Tends to delight people drawn to the driest wines, even fans of Spain’s Asturian “sidras.” Its cleansing, aromatic profile highlights not only spicy foods such as curries, but also delicate flavors such as fish, potato or egg dishes.

7.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 750ml bottle.


Farnum Hill Dooryard label


Farnum Hill Dooryard

‘Dooryard’ is a numbered small-batch sparkling cider, sporting a dry profile, usually with intense fruit, or rowdy tannins or both, plus more surprising sensory hooks. Each bottle of Dooryard is coded on the back. Look up the code at our website to learn more about each bottle. Ideal for cider explorers and aficionados, also a treat for cider-drinkers from abroad.

7.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 750ml bottle.


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