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EZ Orchards (Cider) logoEZ Orchards Cider
Oregon, United States

Our Cidre is fermented in the Traditional French method requiring diligent care of the fruit prior to harvest. We delay harvest allowing the fruit to mature on the tree capturing the optimal character of each cultivar.

The harvested fruit is refrigerated to preserve quality, and compose the texture in preparation for the press. The fruit must first be washed and inspected to insure the integrity of the juice is not compromised by spoilage. The fruit is processed through a blade mill that cuts the apples into small pieces. Now we are able to press the milled fruit in a rack and cloth press, test the blend for balance, and transfer the juice to a stainless steel fermentation tank. We control the fermentation temperature extending the process 4-6 months to retain the subtle nuances of the fruit. The cidre is bottled before fermentation is complete, resulting in a fine, natural carbonation.

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EZ Orchards Cidre label


EZ Orchards Cidre

Aromas of orchard ripe apples, leaves, and earth reflect omplex flavors of apple, cinnamon and nutmeg. The mouthfeel is enlivened by a gentle sparkle. At mid palate the tannin rich fruit becomes apparent, widening the flavor. Our Cidre is low in acidity giving the impression of well ripened apples.
Serve chilled in a Champagne style glass or in a typical wine glass. Chill and cellar with the bottle standing upright, this will contain the sediment allowing you to see the gentle effervescence until your last pour from the bottle.
Our cider is enjoyed with cheese, bread, hazelnuts, and walnuts.  Consider serving with fish, pork, and poultry. Enjoy with traditional preparations of European, and American  cuisine. Our cider makes every ordinary event extraordinary.

5.7% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 750ml bottle.


EZ Orchards Hawk Haus Cider label


EZ Orchards Hawk Haus Cider

Hawk Haus is named after the kestrel nests found on the property and is a blend of Jonathan and Yarlington Mill apples. Pale, yellow-golden in color and lightly hazed with modest, tiny carbonation bubbles like the finest sparkling wines. The aroma is fresh cut apples and an earthy farmyard character. Very pleasant and grounded. Hawk Haus is big, soft and round on the palate with gentle acidity. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar are reminiscent of apple turnover. The finish is just short of total dryness, with appealing fresh apple flavors from beginning to end.

5.7% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 16.9oz bottle.


EZ Orchards Poire label


EZ Orchards Poire

Made only from freshly crushed pear juice. Nothing added.

Poire is a very light straw color with a fine haze and some sediment in the bottle. Aromas are delicate—slightly yeasty with freshly-cut pear. On the palate one is struck by the unusually fine, gentle carbonation. Mouthfeel is big, round, soft and juicy. Let Poire breathe and warm and you will be rewarded with juicy fresh pear flavor and a slight, pleasantly buttery character which may remind you of fresh pears served with a very fine double-cream brie. The finish is dry but not jarringly so, with a beautiful long finish of fruit.

6.0% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 16.9oz bottle.


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