It all began in 2001 when Artisanal Imports was formed by Lanny Hoff and Bob Leggett. With experience in beer importing, Hoff set out to develop a network of distributors on the East Coast to expand a network that Leggett had already created on the West Coast with a sister company called Manneken-Brussel. A few years later, Leggett sold his interest in Manneken-Brussel to join Hoff full-time and expanded the sales and marketing territory for Artisanal Imports to stretch all over the country.

The office in Austin was soon created with a full-time staff to support sales efforts.  A West Coast sales office was also opened, by Sean Knoll in Colorado, with the goal of providing the same type of sales support for Western distributors that Hoff had been offering to the Eastern market.

Since then, Artisanal Imports has expanded by adding a full time administrative staff, sales and marketing members and brokers to represent our brands. Our team at Artisanal Imports is as world-class and unique as our products and dedicated to providing great service, support and ideas with our distribution partners.

Artisanal Imports

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