La Trappe Confirms Next 3 U.S. Governorships

Sabatini’s Pizza, Monk’s Pub and Holy Grale Become Next On-Premise Accounts to be Granted Governorship After Meeting High Standard of Excellence.
Sabatinis Pizza La Trappe Governorship

La Trappe Confirms Next 3 U.S. Governorships

Sabatini’s Pizza, Monk’s Pub and Holy Grale Become Next On-Premise Accounts to be Granted Governorship After Meeting High Standard of Excellence.

North America (October 16, 2017) –  Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven, better known as La Trappe, has awarded the next three U.S. Governorships to Sabatini’s Pizza of Exeter, Pennsylvania, Monk’s Pub of Chicago, Illinois and Holy Grale of Louisville, Kentucky.

The La Trappe Governorship program was launched in 2016 and was established to recognize restaurants and bars in Europe that have made extraordinary efforts to sell, support and promote La Trappe products and other Trappist beers. For 2017, the program has been expanded to the U.S. after a successful first year in Europe.

Sabatini’s Pizza, which operates both a restaurant / bar and a bottle shop in an adjacent space, will celebrate its Governorship in both buildings on Wednesday, October 18. Sabatini’s will tap at least eight La Trappe offerings along with numerous other rare and delicious Trappist brews including Chimay Red and Blue, Stift Engelsel Benno and Gregorious.

“Being selected for the La Trappe Governorship program is a huge honor,” said Lindo Sabatini, owner and president of Sabatini’s Pizza and Sabatini’s Bar and Bottleshop. “I have always loved Belgian beer and have always done my best to provide the Belgian experience to our customers here at Sabatini’s. To be recognized on a national level for our efforts is amazing. Since we are in Northeast Pennsylvania, and not a major market, I never thought our attention to beer would be noticed. This honor lets people know how serious we are about our beer and our goal to provide the best beers in the world to our guests. There are many people who are not familiar with Trappist beers and we feel they are missing out.”

Being awarded a Governorship is no small feat, and candidates are held to rigorous standards to ensure their values align with the high standards associated with producing Trappist ale.

The owners of newly minted Governor Holy Grale spent time visiting the La Trappe monastery in Tilburg, Netherlands, helping them to develop their admiration for the brewery’s legacy and values.

“We deeply respect and admire La Trappe, so it is important to us that we show this respect in the way we serve the beer,” said Lori Rae Beck, co-owner of Holy Grale. The recognition for these efforts is greatly appreciated and we are honored to join such a prestigious group of bars and cafes abroad, and more recently in the US.”

To qualify, a restaurant or bar must meet the following criteria:

  • The business must be “well-tended” in appearance and atmosphere.
  • Every Trappist ale is poured in its own original glass.
  • Beer is well-stored and served in excellent condition.
  • The minimum selection must include 12 Trappist beers, including at least five brewed by La Trappe.
  • All Trappist beers are listed separately in their own menu or blackboard under the heading “TRAPPIST”.
  • The brand La Trappe is presented appropriately and clearly.
  • At least once per year the venue hosts a La Trappe-focused event.

“The value of the La Trappe Governorship is that it really shines a bright light on quality, dedication, and service,” said Lanny Hoff, Artisanal Imports SVP-Brands Manager. “We are delighted to see such exemplary dedication amongst the U.S. La Trappe Governors, and we look forward to them reaffirming this commitment every year as they continue to showcase La Trappe and other Trappist brewers in the best possible way.”

Interested in becoming part of the La Trappe Governorship program? Interested in becoming a distribution partner for La Trappe? Please contact Lanny Hoff with interest.

For interview opportunities with the La Trappe Governors or for more information about Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven “La Trappe” and its world-renowned Trappist ales, please contact Lanny Hoff at +1 (612) 245-5433 or by email at

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