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We are Alex, Joran and Koen and we studied together in 2008 down to the brewery school in Ghent. Almost immediately after having taken delivery of our diplomas, we were all working in a professional brewery. Soon, however, it started to itch with us also agree to do our own desire and to experiment in our spare time. So is born our name: we had no follow-imposed recipes on weekends, but we could do our own thing. It was a diversion. Hence “Brewers Resistance”.

For months we enjoyed ourselves with the development and brew experimental beers and optimize our amateur brewing system. The nice thing was that we did not only play at ourselves in the taste. Friends and family eagerly devoured our concoctions. To meet the growing demand, the idea began to mature to see our little project larger. We decided to start a business. As a young company we want to communicate more openly and honestly to our customers, therefore a moment the following clarification:

The beers that we bring to market are of a recipe developed by the three of us and optimized. They are also brewed by ourselves, that we would obviously can not leave. But investing in the infrastructure to brew us what was too high. The first year – 2011 – we brewed provisionally install Brewery Het Gulden Spoor in Gullegem.

Since 2012 we switched to the installation of Brouwerij De Ranke in Dottignies. We may, under the watchful eye of the brewers operate all to brew our beers. They leave us completely free in our experiments during the course of installation permits. To broaden our horizons further, we also brewing since 2013 partly Brewery Toye. Geert Brouwer Toye conceived and borne brewing room all by itself. For us it is very instructive to get back into a completely different brew to brew our beers. The purpose of Brewers Resistance is honest and make quirky beers for the enthusiast who loves personality and character.



Anzegem, Belgium


This “old brown” is a beer that we like to call our flagship, it is a typical beer style for our region.

This beer is a blend of some ‘old’ brown beer already has a maturation of 6 months in oak barrels behind it, and some “young” brown beer. Each vessel is tasted separately and cut to taste in different concentrations with each other. So we get the perfect blend.
Each year, the taste slightly different. The main characteristics remain always the same: the aroma is dominated by green apple, red fruits and oak. The taste is refreshingly acidic and very thirst-quenching. Enjoy your meal!


6% ABV

375 mL
20L Keg

Artisanal Imports

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