It all began in 2001 when Artisanal Imports was formed by Lanny Hoff and Bob Leggett. With experience in beer importing, Hoff set out to develop a network of distributors on the East Coast to expand a network that Leggett had already created on the West Coast with a sister company called Manneken-Brussel. A few years later, Leggett sold his interest in Manneken-Brussel to join Hoff full-time and expanded the sales and marketing territory for Artisanal Imports to stretch all over the country.

The office in Austin was soon created with a full-time staff to support sales efforts. Since then, Artisanal Imports has expanded by adding a full time administrative staff, sales and marketing members and brokers to represent our brands. Our team at Artisanal Imports is as world-class and unique as our products and dedicated to providing great service, support and ideas with our distribution partners.