Cuvèe des Jacobins Prestige
ABV: 7.6 %


Lambic / Sour
Prestige is a blend of 24 month-old foederbier, spontaneously fermented in and blended from foeders IX, XI and XIV. It has a deeper brettanomyces character and an overall soft and fruity character. Sourness is here in plenty, just like the Cuvée Rouge, but the balance is finer and tipped more toward stone fruit. The complexity of true spontaneous fermentation cannot be equaled by any other method. Extended aging brings about different stages of fermentation, each adding their own note. Cerevisiae, brettanomyces, and lactobacillus are like voices in a choir—a truly gifted brewer can bring them into harmony.

Package Configurations:


24 x 11.2oz (330ml)


20L (1/6 barrel)
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