About Grevensteiner

With Grevensteiner the brewery C. & A. VELTINS brings the venerable craft of brewing back to life - in the tradition of the twins Carl and Anton VELTINS at the beginning of the last century!

The 100 year old lettering of the family brewery is emblazoned on the tankard. The bulbous ‘stubby’ bottle indicates to drinker that this is a beer through which solid brewing tradition comes alive. The historic ‘stubby’ bottle is the container with which the brewery C. & A. VELTINS has identified itself over decades. With a historic-looking label and a bottle cap that appeals, history lives on in a current product.

Grevensteiner is a product of C & A Veltins in Germany.
Grevensteiner Products
Grevensteiner Original
5.2% ABV
The first beer brewed by Carl and Anton Veltins was an unfiltered malty Kellerbier and was called Grevensteiner. This unfiltered country beer is brown with ruby highlights, slightly hazy with a brilliant white head. The body is rich and malty with a clean crisp slightly hoppy finish. Grevensteiner uses whole leaf hops and traditional ancient malts to recreate the true original beer of the brewery.

Tasting Notes:

The beer is characterized by a silky matt amber color, orange-colored reflections and a velvety soft head. The complex aroma is initially dominated by caramel aromas with slight undertones of honey, roasted almonds and fresh fruity notes which, above all, are reminiscent of green apple. Grevensteiner appears very tangy and elegant. A light roasted, bitter note, paired with a nutty taste opens up a distinct finale, in which a flavor of cream caramels unfolds.

Package Configurations:


6 x 4 x 16.9oz (500ml)