Artisanal Imports Acquires US Import Rights from SHW Brands for Five Esteemed European Beverage Producers

Andechs Monastery, Bembel-With-Care, Früh Brewery, Praga Brewing Group and Weltenburger Abbey added to Artisanal Imports’ esteemed portfolio of specialty beverage producers.

Artisanal Imports SHW Brands Acquisition
Artisanal Imports acquires US import rights from SHW Brands for five esteemed European beverage producers including Andechs Monastery, Bembel-With-Care, Früh Brewery, Praga Brewing Group and Weltenburger Abbey.

Artisanal Imports, a leader in the U.S. specialty beverages import business, is excited to announce that it has acquired the import rights from SHW Brands for five esteemed European producers including Andechs Monastery, Bembel-With-Care, Früh Brewery, Praga Brewing Group and Weltenburger Abbey.

Under the terms of the agreement, Artisanal Imports will have exclusive sales and distribution rights for all of these brands throughout the western and southwestern United States and Texas, and additional sales and distribution rights for Bembel-With-Care and Kloster Weltenburger throughout the rest of the United States including the east coast and southeastern US.

The acquisition bolsters Artisanal Imports’ German portfolio with world-renowned brands such as Früh Kölsch from Cologne, revered German monastic beers such as Weissbier Dunkel from Andechs Monastery and Kloster Anno 1050 from Weltenburger Abbey, the world’s oldest monastic brewery, as well as emerging German cider brands from Bembel-With-Care.

Further rounding out Artisanal’s portfolio is the addition of World Beer Championships gold medal-winning beers from the Czech Republic: Praga Premium Pils and Praga Dark Lager from Praga Brewing Group.

“We are honored to be trusted with this magnificent portfolio of German and Czech brands,” says Bob Leggett, Founder and CEO of Artisanal Imports. “Andechs and Weltenburger perfectly fills the missing Bavarian region of our German portfolio. And we now represent two of Cologne’s highest-selling Kölsch beers with the addition of Früh alongside our existing Sünner Kölsch. Bembel-With-Care is Germany’s #1 cider that uses traditional Odenwald wine pressing techniques, which positions itself well with the next generation of drinkers, and Praga Pils is a classic gold medal-winning Czech brand. All in all, these are world-renowned beverages that fit neatly within our world-class portfolio.”

Andechs, Früh and Praga products are currently available in the western United States, and Weltenburger and Bembel-With-Care are both available nationwide. Interested consumers, on- and off-premises retailers and wholesale distributors may view the full product lines that are now available in the United States through Artisanal Imports on its website at

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Media samples of all beverages in the Artisanal Imports portfolio are available upon request. For interview opportunities with Bob Leggett, Founder and CEO of Artisanal Imports, or for more information about Andechs, Bembel-With-Care, Früh, Praga and Weltenburger, please contact us at

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About Artisanal Imports: Artisanal Imports, Inc. is a leading seller, marketer, and compliance manager of international and domestic craft breweries and cideries with a concentration in European brands.  It was founded in 2001 and is led by industry veteran Bob Leggett who has helped introduced some of the most iconic beers in the world to American audiences. Its current portfolio includes world-class beverages from Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, the United Kingdom, and Central America.  For more information, please visit us at or on Facebook or Instagram @artisanalbeers.

About Andechs Monastery: Andechs Monastery beers combine the centuries-old Benedictine brewing tradition on the Holy Mountain with the latest brewing technology.


About Bembel-With-Care: The traditional art of fruit and juice pressing and characteristic Odenwald apple varieties meet an attractive, modern design and practical beverage cans.


About Früh Brewery: Since the restaurant with its own brewery was founded in 1904, the Brauhaus FRÜH am Dom has had a permanent place in Cologne’s gastronomic tradition. Here you not only experience typical Cologne hospitality, but also a rustic Cologne ambiance.


About Praga Brewing Group: Encompassing over 200 years of Czech brewing heritage, Praga Authentic Czech Beer is as real as it gets. Our native brewmaster employs the finest all-natural local ingredients to craft award-winning beverages available around the globe.


About Weltenburger Abbey: Weltenburg lies embedded in an ancient cultural landscape where evidence of human habitation reaches back to the Neolithic Age (4500–3500 BCE).