PALMA® is inspired by the #1 selling beer in Cuba. The favorite beer in Cuba for more than 75 years La Preferida™ in Cuba holds a market share of nearly 80%. With its exceptional quality, this Cuban Style Pilsner is intensely refreshing and the perfect way to cool down. Whether a warm sunny day at the beach in Varadero or a balmy music filled evening on the Malecón, PALMA® is the perfect choice.

PALMA Products
4.9% ABV

Tasting Notes:

PALMA® pours a rich golden color with a tight dense head. Taste is refreshing with the subtle aromas and flavors described as grassy and citrusy, the finish is clean and crisp. Specialty pilsner malt combined with traditional noble hops are matched to create this exceptional 4.9% ABV cerveza.

Package Configurations:


2 x 12 x 12oz (354ml)


2 x 12 x 12oz (354ml)
4 x 6 x 12oz (354ml)