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Kölsch is a regional beer style from Cologne, Germany brewed for over 111 years; in fact - in order to be considered an authentic Kölsch, the beer must be brewed in Cologne, Germany.

Since 1904, Früh Kölsch has been known as a fresh, crisp, & refreshing all-natural, top fermented beer. Früh’s popular Cologne Beer Hall is Germany’s 2nd largest, serving over 2.5 million people annually.

The famous Brauhaus Früh am Dom has been the heart of Früh gastronomy since 1904, attracting locals and tourists, business people and craftsmen, families and friends to enjoy a cool Kölsch and Rhenish cuisine.  The iconic location at the cathedral has been expanded to include the brewery, the brewery cellar in the former rooms of the brewery, the modern HOF 18 restaurant on the first floor, the Eden Hotel Früh am Dom (with now 78 rooms, 4 conference rooms event location (“ Früh Lounge ”) as well as in-house catering.

Früh Products
Früh Kölsch
4.8% ABV
Only beer that is brewed in Cologne, Germany can be called an authentic Kölsch beer and Früh is one of the most popular Kölsch beers, dating back to 1904, This top-fermented ale dates back over 100 years and is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, from the family recipe by Peter Josef Früh.

Tasting Notes:

Früh Kölsch is famous for its delicate flavors of fresh malt & vanilla and aromas of floral hops and toasted biscuit. This light bodied ale is crisp, clean, and refreshing with a pleasant spiciness and fine carbonation. A very drinkable beer with an unsurpassed balance. Pale gold in color with a dense foamy head.

Package Configurations:


6 x 4 x 11.2oz (330ml)
20 x 16.9oz (500ml)


4 x 6 x 16.9oz (500ml)




5L mini (party) keg