Global Imports, Sales and Marketing


Strong Relationships, Effective Partnerships

Artisanal Imports develops brands to maximize growth and establish long-term brand equity. We do this by securing the best possible wholesaler partner for each brand, agreeing to volume, POD and budget goals and creating win-win opportunities for all involved parties.

Ocean Freight

Artisanal Imports sources through 5 active freight forwarders, picking up from the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, & Nicaragua. We always seek freight partners who have strengths with at least one of these origins, with delivery to any US port requested.


We utilize 3PL warehouses in Saddle Brook NJ & Hayward CA. These locations at 2 major ports allow us to cover distributors in any part of the United States. We also have options for Chicago & Houston to expand pickup point options.


Domestic transfers between the warehouses is always possible to balance inventory & avoid stressed code dates.

Sales & Distribution

Our sales team is comprised of representatives with extensive relationships and a passion for beer. Each of our managers oversees relationships with 9 wholesalers which allows us to get our suppliers' products into the right locations across the country.

Marketing Services

Our marketing team includes professionals with decades of consumer products and beer industry experience to ensure your brand is properly managed in the US market.

We also centralize our POS materials from one location (Chicago) to fulfill demand from any distributor or retailer across the country.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Our commitment to your brand will be met with unparalleled enthusiasm from our experienced team who are eager to market and sell your products in the USA.

It’s been our experience that cohesive collaboration between ourselves and our supplier partners results in the most successful relationships, brand equity and long-term market viability.

Talk to us today about how we can bring your brand to new audiences.