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About Toña

Founded in 1976, Toña has established itself as the most beloved beer in Nicaragua by developing a lager with 100% natural ingredients, including pure water sourced from the Southern Basin of Xolotlan Lake.

It is the first water-neutral company in Nicaragua and Toña also utilizes a zero-waste brewing process. Toña brewers are committed to environmental sustainability.

Toña offers a genuine piece of Nicaragua, representing the essence and simplicity of its pristine beauty and natural resources while embodying its authenticity, sense of adventure and rich history.

Toña Products
4.6% ABV
Cerveza Toña is as real and refreshing as the land it comes from. As Central America’s favorite beer, Toña is made of 100% natural ingredients, including the pure water sourced from the Southern Basin Mountain. Toña offers the perfect balance of body and soft taste. Natural Taste From A Natural Place.

Package Configurations:


2 x 12 x 12oz (354ml)
4 x 6 x 12oz (354ml)
12 x 1 Liter


2 x 12 x 8oz (236ml)
2 x 12 x 12oz (354ml)
6 x 4 x 16oz (473ml)