La Trappe Announces First Ever Collaboration Beer, Ora et Labora, With Toronto’s Brunswick Bierworks

Limited and now available in cans in the U.S., proceeds benefit La Trappe’s relief effort at the Kyotera Hospital in Uganda.
Ora Et Labora Handshake Brews

La Trappe Announces First Ever Collaboration Beer, Ora et Labora, With Toronto’s Brunswick Bierworks

North America (December 5, 2017) –  Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven, better known as La Trappe, has produced its first ever collaboration beer Ora et Labora with Brunswick Bierworks. The beer was produced in Toronto as the first of the Brunswick Bierworks Handshake Brews series.

Ora et Labora translates as “Pray and Work”, which is the creed of the Trappist Monks. The beer is a stern 7.5% ABV “New World Double Bock” and was brewed by La Trappe’s brouwmeester Lodewijk Swinkels alongside Brunswick Bierworks master brewer Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide.

The collaboration weaves traditional krausen fermentation with a mighty maltbill and a unique blend of Opal, Loral, Mandarina Bavaria and Ontario Newport hops sourced from the Americas and Europe; bridging the two worlds of brewing. The recipe that Lodewijk and Christian have designed is “double bock” in strength. The ingredients and process with re-fermentation is like a wheat double bock – however the fermentation and yeast is like grand cru.

La Trappe is honored to donate proceeds from sales to the Kyotera project, its relief effort for the Kyotera Hospital in Uganda.

“The good cause of this collaboration brew is the Kyotera Hospital in Uganda,” says Anthony van Hecke –

Export Director for La Trappe. “They need financial help to fight against Aids. Especially women and children who are infected by HIV will benefit from this project. The health care in the district of Rakai needs more medical attention and their specialized team will welcome the proceeds of this collaboration brew to compete against AIDS/HIV in the outskirts of the hospital.”

Hecke continues, “One of the three major rules to be an Authentic Trappist Brewery is to support those in need through financial assistance. We hope this collaboration beer heightens awareness of the important role our Monks fulfill in the community and around the world.”

Lanny Hoff, SVP – Brands Manager of Artisanal Imports adds, “We are excited to work not only with Lodewijk and the La Trappe team, but also the excellent group at Brunswick Bierworks. They make wonderful beer and deserve to be a household name in the United States. We are proud that proceeds from the sale of Ora et Labora will benefit the Kyotera project. Artisanal Imports is setting aside a portion of our sales as well, for a double-benefit.”

Mike Laba, Partner of Brunswick Bierworks beams, “This project and partnership with La Trappe and Artisanal Imports brings to life all of the things we envisioned when we first opened Brunswick Bierworks. Our opportunity to brew with one of the world’s iconic breweries, to work with our friends at Artisanal Imports and to make a positive impact in regions of the world that need it most has made this a truly special experience.  And to top it all off, we think the beer is fantastic.”

Do you manage a restaurant, bar or retail store and are interested in selling Ora et Labora? Interested in becoming a distribution partner for La Trappe? Please contact Lanny Hoff with interest.

For interview opportunities with La Trappe or for more information about Ora et Labora and the Kyotera project, please contact Lanny Hoff at +1 (612) 245-5433 or by email at

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