Artisanal Imports Draft Tower Program

Austin, TX (May 1, 2017) – Artisanal Imports announces its Draft Tower Program in partnership with Chicago-based Leaders Beverage for its brands including Kwak, La Trappe, Tripel Karmeliet, St-Feuillien and Veltins. The duo consults with retailers and distributors to place high-quality, eye-catching placements in bars, pubs and retail shops nationwide.

Draft towers serve to attract customers and build brand loyalty, all while providing distinguished character to the establishment courtesy of some of the most recognized European breweries. Beer brands and their towers are strategically selected to maximize both sales and name recognition while remaining compliant with applicable laws, which vary from state to state.

“We think that giving motivated bar owners access to branded towers is a great way to build a real connection between the consumer and the brewery” says Lanny Hoff, SVP-Brands Manager of Artisanal Imports. “When local laws and retailer motivation line up, we can offer them to the right account and it’s a very cool combination.”

The draft towers are crafted with durable, easy to use materials by the highly-vetted team of draft service and beverage professionals at Leaders Beverage.

“Because these towers live in bars all over the world they are produced with no interior workings, which allows us to build the interior of towers installed in the US to the exact specifications required for each individual venue,” says Drew Larson, CEO-Leaders Beverage.

“Customers love these towers because they stand out, and they’re beautiful – a talking piece for bartenders and staff,” Larson continues. “Anything that makes a product unique helps it sell, and when you have one or more of these towers standing majestic but separate from the main draft system, it draws people in. Sales of beers with draft towers have gone up everywhere we have tracked the data.”

Qualifying retailers such as Lindo Sabatini, Owner of Sabatini’s Pizza & Sabatini’s Bar & Bottleshop in Exeter, Pennsylvania, utilize the Draft Tower Program to great success.

“When we opened our bar,” says Sabatini, “we wanted to use draft towers that would offer a first impression to our guests that screamed, ‘We serve great beer!’ It was important to us to make sure we were able to provide the best selections possible.”

“After working with Artisanal Imports, we decided that La Trappe would be the best fit for our establishment. Our intentions were to start with Witte and then rotate through the different La Trappe offerings. The demand for the Witte was immediately overwhelming and we realized we couldn’t deviate from it. La Trappe Witte has become a staple in our bar and it stays on draft continuously.”

For Artisanal Imports, Leaders Beverage and their retail partners, success is ensured through shared values of teamwork and unwavering attention to quality.

Drew Larson elaborates, “Artisanal Imports focuses on quality and believes in relationships with their clients, and Leaders Beverage believes in the same thing! Artisanal has been a great partner, helping to spread the idea of providing a high-quality experience for patrons over all else. That’s why they have us build the interior of the towers. We care about every piece of insulation going into the towers because that’s how we protect the quality of the beer from the tap to the patron’s glass.”

Are you a distributor or retailer interested in joining the Artisanal Imports Draft Tower Program? Please contact Lanny Hoff with interest by phone +1 (612) 245-5433 or by email at

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