Brouwerij Bosteels Celebrates Annual “Kwaktoberfest” Nationwide Throughout October

Legendary Belgian Brewery Invites Bars, Restaurants to Host Celebration Events of the Iconic Pauwel Kwak Beer in October

Brouwerij Bosteels Celebrates Annual “Kwaktoberfest” Nationwide Throughout October

North America (September 18, 2017) –  Bars and restaurants across the United States are invited to join Brouwerij Bosteels and Artisanal Imports in celebrating Kwaktoberfest. As the name suggests, Kwaktoberfest is a celebration of the iconic Pauwel Kwak beer, with events taking place nationwide throughout October.

Participating locations coast-to-coast will serve Bosteels’ Pauwel Kwak in its traditional, instantly recognizable carriage glass, along with the brewery’s other world-class brews including Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS. Special point of sale items will be available for accounts, including flags, coasters, posters, single and double Kwak glasses and the almighty Quattro, capable of holding four Kwak glasses at once.

“Kwaktoberfest is a fun addition to the German Oktoberfest season,” says Lanny Hoff, SVP-Brands Manager of Artisanal Imports. “There are stylistic similarities between Kwak and German Märzen and glassware is a big part of the celebration. Whether it’s a liter of Oktoberfest or a carriage glass of Kwak, it’s fun!”

About the Beer
Pauwel Kwak is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale with a rich amber color and slightly sweet, caramel malt character. Hops are subdued with herbal and citrus notes, but present a perfect balance to the juicy ripeness of grain along with fruity kiss and meringue-like softness in body. This 8.4% ABV brew forms a lovely, firm head in the glass and as with all Bosteels’ beers, it is brewed only with natural ingredients: barley malts, mineral water, wheat, hops and white candy sugar.

The legendary Kwak glass, or ‘Koetsiersglas’, hearkens back to the Napoleonic era. Back then, Pauwel Kwak was a brewer and owner of the De Hoorn inn, which saw daily visits from mail coaches and their passengers. While passengers could stop in for a drink, coachmen were prohibited from leaving their posts to join. To bypass this inconvenience, Kwak had special glasses blown with a convex bottom that could sit in the coach in a wooden stand, allowing the drivers to enjoy a glass!

Regarded as one of the world’s finest Belgian ales, Tripel Karmeliet (Dutch for “Triple Carmelite”) is a golden beer with rich grain character, hints of banana, vanilla, and a pleasing bubble-gum aroma. A restrained hop bitterness offers perfect balance and a gentle counterpart to its substantial maltiness. Launched in 1996 to great acclaim, it is a Belgian Tripel (8.4 % ABV) brewed with barley, wheat and oats.

The renowned DeuS is a Bière de Champagne with characteristics of the fine, velvety carbonation of sparkling wine and rich maltiness of a world-class beer. DeuS exhibits a fragrant, herbal and spicy character with notes of anise, mint, malt, lavender and a barely perceptible hoppiness. DeuS undergoes a lengthy and costly maturation in the Champagne caves of France, a method which produces the best sparkling beverages in the world. In the words of famed beer historian Michael Jackson, “Other great beers might approach, but not quite match the delicacy of DeuS.”

Interested in celebrating Kwaktoberfest at your restaurant, bar or retail store? Please contact Lanny Hoff for specialized event support such as beer, POS and promotional opportunities.

For interview opportunities with Brouwerij Bosteels CEO Antoine Bosteels, or for more information about the brewery’s line of beers including Pauwel Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS please contact Lanny Hoff at +1 (612) 245-5433 or by email at

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About Brouwerij Bosteels: Brouwerij Bosteels is nestled in the village of Buggenhout, Belgium and is family operated. Located on the same site since 1791, it specializes in unique beers which don’t necessarily align with “normal” Belgian beer styles. Bosteels is one of the best-known special brewers in Belgium with world acclaimed beers such as Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS. Learn more about the brewery at


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  1. Athina

    It appears the descriptions of the kwak and karmeliet are reversed. The banana and vanilla bring morevof the flavors of kwak, and the citrus herbal being more characteristic of the karmeliet.

    1. Lanny Hoff

      Thank you for your comment. While we appreciate you may have a different experience with Kwak and Karmeliet, the descriptions listed are valid, if not perfect. I guess the only thing we can do is keep trying them!

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